Reinet van Graan is a people development executive, healthcare industry expert and Managing Director (MD) of Diverse Conversations. She has a passion for empowering both employees and communities. Reinet’s brain child,  Diverse Conversations was born in 2005 with the vision of utilizing appreciative and diverse conversations to heal the people of South Africa.

Reinet obtained a Masters Degree in Medical Social Work in 1990, an International Training and Development Diploma in 2004 and an Executive Coaching Diploma in 2007.  Her training in Leadership, High Impact Coaching and Marketing Skills in Amsterdam and Budapest has stood her in good stead and equipped her for her role as HR Development Manager of well-known multi-national pharmaceutical company.

Her experience over the last 10 years in group faciltiation of learning interventions, training of facilitators and assessors, co-ordinating and project management of learnership programs and coaching of individuals has made her in an ideal learning and development consultant.

Kirsten Redman obtained her Masters in Science from the Wits University School of Physiology in 2017, and is currently working towards the completion of her PhD. In addition, as a member of Diverse Conversations, she is working as a consultant facilitative trainer to leading pharmaceutical companies in South Africa. Kirsten is an active member of the project team that is developing and publishing the healthcare sales representative qualification on the Diverse Conversations e-learning platform. Kirsten is a qualified and registered Seta assessor. In the near future she will also be a qualified and registered Seta moderator.

As well as being involved in academia, Kirsten takes health seriously and takes part in a number of sporting activities including swimming, running, and acrobatics.

Kirsten is passionate about active learning, and seeing learning being put into action, hence the phrase “let your learning lead to action!”

Luella Naidoo has over 15 years experience within the devices and pharmaceutical sectors (both Ethical and Generics). She is an astute social entrepreneur and passionate about empowerment, skills development, creating value and financial inclusion for all entrepreneurs.

She has dedicated most of her work activities to supporting the empowerment of youth graduates and people with special needs through job creation, mentoring, coaching and training.

Her advocacy using entrepreneurship to support interventions in the treatment and management of HIV sectors is what drives her passion. She spent 10 years working in the HIV arena in diverse roles within the pharmaceutical industry ranging from sales representative, sales manager, product manager, sales, marketing and business management.

Over and above her role as director of Diverse Conversations, this philanthropist Mom and Social Entrepreneur is very much the captain steering Jezriel Craig Holdings. Through her astute leadership and mentoring she is able to transform, empower and drive sustainable business solutions and economic goals.

Having studied Theology and equipped with a Masters in Business leadership Luella is highly purpose driven and in her career trajectory having mastered the Pharmaceutical industry she is destined to create significant shifts wherever she goes.

Luella is currently the Mrs Commonwealth 2019 charity crown holder, a much-coveted title that sums up Luella’s philanthropic heart.

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