Business Administration Qualification

Business Administration

The business administration qualification prepares learners and graduates for almost any role in your company. They become work-ready and gain an overall understanding of the world of work and business as well as add value to your company early on in the year-long qualification. The outcome is a well-rounded person who can be employed in almost any administrative role in your company.

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Throughout this year-long qualification, graduates support your business as they master these learning outcomes.
The qualification consists of 7 learning programs.
Graduates will be able to :
  • Apply skills and knowledge to effectively navigate the world of work and become orientated to your workplace company
  • Know and understand the role of effective business communications
  • Implement convincing business writing skills
  • Understand and apply business calculations to support results orientation
  • Comprehend the function of human resources and general business administration
  • Apply financial concepts and office management within a business
  • Recognize the role of customer satisfaction and apply principles of customer management