Bespoke Solutions

The fact is, you need more than our accredited learnerships and graduate development programs. Another fact is that we tailor-make learning interventions based on your team’s and company’s unique learning and development needs.

Our approach is to collaborate and consult with you to create learning and development programmes that are as unique as your business needs.

We apply a flexible, hybrid learning methodology which optimizes our interactive e-learning platform, virtual classrooms and face to face training if permitted.

Using our blended learning methodology, we have a wide variety of learning programs covering all disease areas available to assist you with the onboarding program of health products sales reps and other new intake staff members.

In collaboration with you, we co-create programs by adding specific courses to elevate the career of your current marketing, medical sales rep, and other business staff.

Our community health worker training programs are tailor-made to suit your BEE and CSI-related projects.

In addition to health product sales associates, merchandising and displays, front shop assistant, and complementary medicines we co-create, with you, bespoke learning solutions to create pharmacy excellence in your staff. Our anatomy and physiology programs are tailor-made to upskill your pharmacy primary healthcare nurses. The blended learning methodology is customized to address the unique needs of your pharmacy.

We tailor-make, with you, our soft skills and core competency programs to suit the unique needs of your health insurance company.

We partner with foundations, NGOs, government, and private healthcare companies to build public-private partnerships. These partnerships aim to create universal healthcare for all. Our community health worker qualification and short courses are customized, with you, to create bespoke solutions for your healthcare worker development needs.

If you are a person who recently graduated, and you are not sure about your next career move take our individual user journey using the online learning platform to choose a bundle of courses to kick-start your career in the healthcare industry.

If you are already working in a healthcare company our courses are tailor-made to improve your competence and elevate your career to the next step.

Are you a young graduate? Someone looking to start a career in the health industry? Or maybe looking to change direction?

Study with us.  

Where learning leads to results

Where learning

leads to results