Diverse Conversations is accredited with the QCTO to deliver the following skills programs and learnerships as accredited courses:

  • Health Promotions Officer Qualification
  • Health Products Sales Representative Qualification (in process with QCTO).
  • Business Administration Qualification (in process with QCTO).

We follow a blendid learning methodology. All accredited programs are accompanied by a portfolio of evidence that is assessed and moderated by a appropriately registered assessor and moderator. The most important is sustainable and effective behavior change.

We tailor make the implementation of our programs such that it matches your business needs. You decide:

  • the number of programs to be trained on e-learning and the number of face-face programs.
  • if you want the program to be an accredited program or not. If you decide to do a non-accredited program we add competencies according to your business needs.
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