Diverse Conversations Company Profile

Diverse Conversations is a healthcare learning and development company, focusing on occupational learning interventions which brings about rapid and consistant results for your organisation.

We have a passion for empowering both healthcare employees and communities through learning. We skillfully utilise the power of appreciative conversations to do this.  Diverse Conversations is energised by the stimulation diversity provides and the countless possibilities that open up when these conversations are orchestrated professionally.

Diverse Conversations has a vision of ‘future fit’ organisations fully committed to developing capabilities and transformation in a sustainable way. Competent and engaged employees increasingly empower communities to make worthwhile contributions to the growth and upliftment of South Africa. This vision allows for business renovation and aligns business prosperity with community and country prosperity.

What we can do for you:

  • Improve your BBBEE score and your profitability by implementing appropriate and effective learnerships in your organisation. Read more 
  • Provide interactive e-learming programs to engage participants and bring about lasting behavior change. Read more
  • Implement niche learning interventions to deliver competent and engaged employees who produce outstanding results. Read more 
  • Engage with your team through appreciative conversations to drive employee engagement.
  • Develop learning materials based on your business needs and employee competence gaps.

Our Team

Meet our business partners who work as a team to deliver the best customer results, Read more

BBBEE and Accreditation

As an EME, Diverse Conversations automatically qualifies as a Level 4 enterprise, which is equivalent to 100% BEE recognition. We are QCTO (Quality Council for Trade and Occupations) accredited. Read more


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